time wasting … (halloween)

It’s not really time wasting.  It is just so much fun that I don’t do other things.

I am trying to get a couple of ‘important jobs’ done each day for Scarlett’s party.



So India and I built a cobweb in the grape vine outside, and installed a giant spider. The party food will be on the table under this giant spider web (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain).


And I have made the lolly bags – pretty boring, just some lollies, a halloween sticker and some orange tinsel to tie them up.  If kids are going trick or treating as well they won’t need an overload of lollies from me.


And I cut out some more bats from that black cardboard and strung them together on string. They look pretty good all together. I am not sure where they will go exactly, maybe around the front door on the porch I think.


And I went to Northland and checked out the full array of halloween fun.  I found the eyeballs at The Reject Shop. 8 for $2.50. Don’t they look super in raspberry cordial? I am definitely going to do this for the party.

And I also found a 40 pack of spider rings for $3.  I can’t decide what to do with them.  I put some in cordial (see the back jar has spiders floating in it – yuk!), and they are OK, but I think I might find out how they look if I freeze some in ice blocks (that was my original plan).  And I might use some as napkin holders (given that they are rings and all).

What important job will I do tomorrow?

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