I’ve been doing a bit of framing …

I love Kate Hudson’s prints. I bought this one last year at Art4All, unframed. And ta da … finally DONE!


I bought this frame and mat at the Salvos Op Shop in Abbotsford last week. It was in cellophane. A print had been framed up but never sold. There were a bunch of frames there in the same condition clearly from a shop that donated it’s stock. Lucky me. I got it for $10.


I decided to float the work in front of the mat. So I mounted the print on foam core board with a special glue that won’t wreck the paper. Then I mounted the foam core board on the mat that came with the frame. And then I put it all back together and I used my staple gun to reattach the backing board and keep it securely in place. Finally I taped it all back up again. And hung it on the wall.


I am super happy with the colour of the frame. It looks great with my couch. And the work sits nicely alongside the black and white print by Mary Anne Purita.

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