getting organised, driftwood and beach dreaming (again)

It was the most beautiful day yesterday and I was feeling inspired to get on with my outdoor projects. But I needed supplies first.  So I headed off to the Bunnings tool shop to get stuff.

Namely staples for my staple gun and some drill bits for my favourite tool … the Bosch cordless with its lithium ion battery. It is THE BEST. Every girl should own one (and boy).  I think I have said this before …


Then I got on with finishing off some things.   Including drilling that driftwood I collected.  I am making more driftwood mobiles so that I can sell some at the next makers market at school in December. I think they would make a lovely Christmas present, especially for people with a holiday house.  I’d like one (or two) if I owned a holiday house …


It did get a bit boring drilling all the holes, but I kept myself on track by putting the driftwood in piles of about 10 peieces once it was drilled.  This was before school pick up.


At school pick up I had a bit of an ‘awkward bike moment’ where I accidently got the scooter I was carrying to school for Scarlett to ride home on stuck between the spokes of the front wheel of my bike – while riding – and promptly fell off!  Luckily I was running super late and no one saw the indignity of it all … and I got out of it with just a bit of a bruise.

After school pick up I got on with making some more mobiles. So now I have 8 made.  And I have enough wood to make maybe 2 or 3 more.  I just need to make a few more beads …

And with the gorgeous weather, and being surrounded by driftwood I am now dreaming of the beach again …



  1. These are so gorgeous – I’m thinking of who I can get one for. Are the beads fimo? They look so great.


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