handy home shoe repairs … when a door stop is MORE than a door stop

IMG_5799So, you know I use a shoe last out my back door as a door stop. It’s super handy. You can find out more here.

But the other day Elise used it for it’s intended purpose. HOW VERY EXCITING!

She’d borrowed some glue from Dad (he has everything in his shed) for some other project. And decided the same glue (Selley’s Quik Grip Gel) would also be just the thing for re-sticking the sole of her the second hand Gialllo wedge shoe that she likes so much.  As you can see the sole of one shoe had come apart.

And I made her come to my house as I had projects to get on with myself. So she brought the glue and the shoes around and got on with the job.

Here’s what she did …

Apparently first you clean both surfaces to be stuck together with the Quik Grip Gel, and then put the glue on both of the surfaces that need to be stuck together.  Elise applied it with a plastic knife that she then threw away. Then you let the glue set for 20 or 30 minutes (check the label if you are going to embark on this project as I was only half listening, but this is what I gathered), and then you get a hammer and hammer the two surfaces together. And they stick. And you use turps to clean up any glue that seeps out of the join. All quite dramatic and exciting with the hammering and all. But easy.


And of course, owning a shoe last was so very useful.

Elise said, as she stood by the back door, ‘I need something to put inside the shoe while I am hammering the sole together’. I said, ‘Oh, I have the ideal thing’. And reached down for the shoe last that was right there at our feet (well that’s the gist of the conversation … actually I can’t remember the exact words.)

And the doorstop shoe last provided the PERFECT support for shoe repairs. Who’d have thought!?  See I was right, EVERYONE should own a shoe last!

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