a farmhouse dresser

IMG_5760IMG_5765This dresser has been in our family for years.   When we were little we used to go and stay with my Aunty Adele quite often, and we’d terrorise her dog Jamie who wasn’t used to kids, and sleep on a trundle bed, and this dresser was a fixture.  Adele decided she didn’t need it any more when I was moving out of home, and so I inherited it.  But then I got a sidboard from my Nanna, which came from her mother, and so I passed this on to Merryn (maybe Elise might have had it for a while too?).  Anyway, Merryn now has it in her kitchen/dining room on the farm.

It always looks good!  I really like how Merryn has so many bright things on it all together.

She has some really cute tins in green and red (green is her favourite colour) that she collected along the way, and I like how she has used the plate display area to showcase Pricey’s primary school art efforts, and then she also has the next generation of decorated plates as well, by Keely and Cade.  And she keeps her teapot in its cosy on it (I made her this), and also all her cookbooks.  And some other lovely things.

Isn’t it a great dresser?


  1. I love it❤️, how great that it goes around the family & everyone has a turn of looking after it. Nice and bright & fun Merryn


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