a passable maleficent costume (in about 5 minutes)

So, Jemima FINALLY had her birthday party yesterday. Only 3 months late. I spent 2 days tidying the garden, a day organising the food, and about 3 hours before the party, when I was in panic mode, I turned my attention to a costume for the ‘magical’ party theme. Jemima had her heart set on being ‘Maleficent’ so I googled her. And then started worrying about the horns. How to make them look good but keep construction to a minimum …. hmmm.

I contemplated sewing them, but doubted that I could make them the right shape with the limited amount of time I had (realistically about 15 minutes with all the other stuff I needed to do), and how to attach them to her head?  I was sure making a black skull cap and then attaching horns to it was improbable/impossible given my state of mind.  I knew I did have some stretchy black fabric somewhere but I was not sure where, I think packed away in a very unhandy location.

I was about to veto Maleficent.  Then I had a brainwave.

Hello plastic headband, aluminium foil and my ever-so-handy can of black spray paint ….

I fashioned some curly maleficent horns from aluminium foil.  That took about a minute. Then I wound the foil horns onto a headband and I used more silver foil to cover the headband completely (it is a perfectly good bright pink Barbie headband that belongs to Scarlett and I didn’t want to ruin forever with black spray paint …).  Another minute.

And then I just spray painted the whole creation.  A minute?  The spray paint didn’t stick to the foil fabulously well, but it was good enough for us.  I let it dry (sort of) and did a quick second coat.  And then left this marvelous creation out in the sun for an hour to completely dry.

So, Jemima put on a black t-shirt, got the black cape from the dress-up box and found a little purple skirt. It was so hot yesterday. We had a magnificent purple velvet dress she could have worn, but she would have died from overheating. DONE!  I took these photos at the end of the party.  The horns held up pretty well!

As Scarlett said when she woke up yesterday morning, Happy Birthday Party Jemima!



  1. Gorgeous photo Jemima, & happy birthday. Your mum is very clever at making your costume out of very ‘little’ resources 🎉🎁


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