driftwood mobiles

Yesterday morning I did a bit of online Pinterest research. If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll be able to guess where I am heading, as I pinned about 10 driftwood related things in 15 minutes.

Yes, I collected more driftwood at the beach last week.  And came home inspired to use it.

I dropped the kids at school and headed home by myself, in peace (yay!) to assess my driftwood collection and the other materials I had hanging around that I could use.

I really want to make a driftwood light. But I am still not sure how to go about it. I think I need to check out what’s available re. fun bulbs and cords. And then think about what I could do. I have pinned some inspiration for this when I am ready.

In the meantime I decided to build on my previous driftwood mobile experience, but this time add a bit of pizazz. It sounds like I am about to get out a bedazzler doesn’t it … but no … I got out the polymer clay instead. And spent about an hour making some nice chunky beads.

Then I did a whole lot of boring stuff.  I went to the mechanic and picked up the car .. and did a post holiday massive food shop and put some dinner on in the slowcooker (if It works I’ll do a post on this because it is quite inspired!!) … And then I began to construct.

I tried about a million different combinations of beads and driftwood. This is where I got to at the end of the day. Driftwood at the bottom, beads at the top.  A rusty old washer to finish it off.

I have made two with yellow beads, and two with pastel pink beads. I have lots more beads and wood. I just need to drill more holes.

I think I like them.  Last night I put them up where my fluorescent macrame planters have been hanging, and they were spinning in the wind. They really looked quite fun.


  1. They look great, the beads are a pretty touch & with the new growth of grape leaves….all looking very ‘springy’ 🌸


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