tea towels as a nice memento

What a great school holidays … we visited the farm and the beach, had fires to keep warm and went swimming to cool off. The kids played with their cousins and got heaps of time just to play with each other. Lovely, lovely.

As a memento of our holiday I bought two tea towels. They aren’t new, and they aren’t actually related to our holiday at all … One is from Donnybrook Western Australia. It has nice flowers. The other is a more general Australia tea towel … from 1976. I bought them both at the Anglesea op shop for 50 cents each.


I am always on the look out for calendar tea towels for relevant years  … And 1976 is the year Merryn was born. So that one is for her. I’ll have to find exactly the right thing to use it for. A stool or a cushion or a chair … I did find a calendar one for Elise once and made it into a handbag. But I think I have moved on from handbags now.

I will get my thinking cap on.

One comment

  1. Excellent finds. I always buy tea towels when I’m on holiday somewhere different – usually, the tackier the better! I also have a vast collection of royal family tea towels (weddings, christenings etc) and lots of fantastic ‘destination’ ones inherited from my grandma.


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