ikea staples

I think every friend I know has them. The Ikea staples. Basic furniture and household items like cube shelves, photo frames, plant pots, tea light candles … and drinking glasses.

On Friday (my last child free day for 2 weeks … hello school holidays) I popped in to Ikea for a doona cover – another Ikea staple at our house.

I am still keen on the over-the-top tapestry above the bed, despite the lukewarm reception from others (Elise’s feedback is that perhaps it is a bit too much … really?!) but I have been thinking that a bit more depth in the furnishings might make it look better.  So I decided I should commit, but not over-commit if you know what I mean.

I was contemplating the lovely linen doona cover that Elise has from Ikea.  And then when I got there I spotted a black and white striped doona that I thought might be good.  But then I found this checked one.  I think it is perfect.


And I have also been adding to my second hand cushion cover collection – which is currently decorating our bed.  The recent additions include this black X one, this charcoal velvet one,and the padded bone one.


And my new little owl has found a home – now above my bedside table.  The gold frame looks good with the gold curtains in there.


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