a bit of knitting

I have been knitting some dish cloths again. I sold all my last ones at Art4All.



Some of this cotton was given to me by the very lovely Sue. Sue is currently the person I run into the MOST at the op shop (pipping my friend Helen who used to hold this somewhat dubious title). A couple of months ago Sue was at Greensborough Savers. Last month she was at Abbotsford Salvos. And I am sure we ran into each other somewhere else recently as well, I just can’t remember where. Maybe Kew?

Sue, you’ll be pleased to know I have used the cotton you found. So thanks for thinking of me on your op shop adventures …




  1. They look great Leanne. Glad the cotton has been put to good use! Always on the lookout for items other people might like and things for myself also!


  2. Every time I see you knitting these I think i must knit some myself… and then I forget until next time. These look so great!


  3. I love these dish cloths. Im thinking about knitting some for myself. From your pictures it looks like you are using wool, but you say cotton? (which makes more sense) Can you tell me what kind of cotton it is, or a pic of the label? Thanks xxx


    1. Hi Andrea, I did a previous post about them that had the details. You can look under making and mending maybe or under kitchen – hopefully I have filed it somewhere on the blog. But in summary I use 2 balls of at least 4 ply cotton. I use size 7 UK needles. I cast on 25 stitches and knit a square. I look out for balls of cotton at the op shop but you can also buy cotton at Spotlight etc. They are great to use, you can just wash in the washing machine and reuse …. and they make an excellent present … And they can go in the compost bin when they wear out.


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