opshop tunes

Here we have it. Four of the best.

All second hand. Not the op shop actually, I am just saying that to join in Pip Lincoln’s thing (you can see her pick of #opshoptunes on Instagram).

I actually bought the Nick Cave and The Jackson Code CDs back in 1995 at the Princeton University Record Exchange. I was quite chuffed to find a The Jackson Code CD in the USA.

And then I decided last year to look out for classic CDs at school fetes. You can find some rippers. I purchased Goanna’s Spirit of Place at the St Anthony’s fete. … Solid Rock and Razor’s Edge … and On The Platform. I love, love, love this album. I listen to it when I head west to Port Fairy or Mezzy’s farm. Shane Howard’s from down that way.

And then I was super thrilled to come across The Best Of Cold Chisel. This is my cleaning album. I put it on really loud. I am sort of proud, but Clive is very appalled, that Jemima can sing along to Choir Girl.



And on Monday I cleaned to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds … do you love me? I do Nick.  But I hate cleaning (I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating).

I did grow up in Knoxfield you know.


  1. I was sooo in love with Jimmy Barnes as a teenager. An 80s girl I am… My now 19 year old goes out and comes home telling me it was a retro night of music from the 80s and she knew the words because that’s the music I played to her growing up – so keep playing Jimmy to Jemima!


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