birds, bunnies and horses

The chickens out my studio window must be subliminally influencing me, or Lolly our cat, or maybe it’s just the menagerie feeling that comes with one cat and seven chickens and three children … as my Art4All purchases this year all had a bit of ‘animal’ about them.

First I bought this little owl by Erin Greer. All owls should wear crowns I think …


And with regard to this blog, there is definitely a bit recycling going on with this work, particularly with the frame and mat. How great are they … I don’t need things to be perfect, I like interesting, and I don’t think there were any other works in the gallery in a vintage frame!!!

Then, I bought two prints in the shop this year. By Marianna Marx. Another bird. Titled The Collector. As a bit of a collector I can relate.


And a horse. Titled Lucy’s Journey Part 1. If I ever HAVE to own a horse (you’re so right, I wasn’t horsey as a child, horses aren’t my thing) this is exactly what I’d like mine to look like.


And then, how lucky am I … Elise bought me a Kyoko Imazu unframed work. Big bunny and small bunnies … Titled Gathering.


It looks SOOO good at home.

4 things to hang. How exciting. I’ll add them to the Kate Hudson work from last year that still sits unframed on my buffet … No I won’t, I’ll get them framed! I will!

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