my chair for art4all

So, less then two weeks to go til Art4All and I am finally on the job!  Yesterday I took all the bits and pieces around to my Dad’s house, and got my book stools underway.

I (and perhaps Dad should be included as well, as you may tell from the photos) am making a pair of stools out of old bed bolts (hard rubbish), hard cover books (Cavendish tip) and plywood (hard rubbish). So, they are 100% recycled.

And I am nearly there.   All the holes in the books are finished.  I did the measuring and clamping, Dad did the drilling.


The side timber panels have been cut.  And I have temporarily put one stool together to see how it looks.

I am feeling quite excited!  I can hardly wait to finish them off this morning … I just have to wax the timber and add in a support at the bottom.  And I have to find some smaller old coach bolts or something to attach the support (finding these may be the biggest challenge).

When they’re finished I’ll take some more photos so you can see the final product.

They are so good I am not sure I am going to be able to bring myself to sell them … They are just like I imagined.



  1. Absolutely fabulous! Great to see pics of your dad at work. Look forward to seeing finished product. Must be satisfying for you to see your idea as a reality!


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