Meet Rocco.   Rocco is one of Scarlett’s favourite toys. He’s been around for about a year now.   And he is a rock.  He doesn’t have a face or anything.  He’s just a plain old rock.  And he doesn’t do much, just sits around in his box.  And sometimes goes for walks in the pram.  Or sits on Scarlett’s bed.


He lives in a take away plastic food container on the shelves next to her bed, with some of his family.  Often, particularly on holidays, his family expands significantly.


When we went swimming in the rivers at Bright and Mount Beauty last summer our car kept getting filled with Rocco’s family.  And sometimes when we are at Airey’s Inlet new family members turn up in pockets and bags after time at the beach.

I bet you never knew that a rock, in a plastic container, could be so interesting.


Can you spot Rocco and his family in their home on the shelves?

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