van gogh’s bedroom

Yesterday I dropped the kids at school, wrote an art show newsletter and sent it off to the school office, had a shower (quite an achievement I know), went to the matinee performance of the school concert, went op-shopping for a bed like the one in Van Gogh’s bedroom … I might* have purchased something for myself while I was looking … And then I dropped in at The Plaza (that’s Northcote Plaza), picked the kids up from school, edited the photos I took of the concert and sent them to school, checked my emails, cooked dinner, sent Clive and India off to the night performance of the concert … And took a breath. 6.38pm.

So, here’s the bed I found for $20. Sort of the right shape to be Van Gogh’s bed.  I think we could cover the wrought iron with cardboard to look like wood and it could work.  If we are desperate.  Which we nearly are …

Sounds odd I know, but we need the bed for our interactive art installation at Art4 All this year.  We are revisiting Yayoi Kusama’s ‘obliteration gallery’ with a Van Gogh twist (interesting already huh?).

A room is fully furnished and everything is white. White walls, white floor, white furniture. Then coloured dots are added, and the changes are documented in photos. In Australia I know it has been done at the Brisbane Art Gallery. And at Fun For Kids in Warrnambool.  And now at Fairfield Primary School! And obviously, we are recreating Van Gogh’s bedroom.  Because the kids have been studying Vincent Van Gogh this year.


Note I am just the op shop ring-in on this one. Others on the committee have been organising this super fun activity.  They are just having trouble finding a bed … and I thought I might have some luck …

So, I’ll send the photo of the bed I found around and see what people think, and maybe I’ll just check out The Brotherhood store in Brunswick today as well … it would be devastating to compromise and then find the perfect bed at the next op shop I visit!

* yes, I did buy something

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  1. my very first bed as an adult was just like the one in Van Gogh’s painting…. long gone now…. but, will keep my eye out for one… you never know….


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