a garden chair


Every couple of years someone makes a ‘garden chair’, that is, a chair turned into a garden, for the Art4All chair auction. This year Elise is having a crack …

She bought a white chair from the tip shop last weekend. She took it apart.   And spray painted it black.  And put it back together with a handy hessian and plastic ‘pouch’ now suspended under the seat.  And filled the pouch with soil.  And added plants.

She made it at my house … lucky me. I get to look at it (ie. store it and water it and keep it in tip top condition) for 4 weeks. All I can say is that if survives it’s time with me with the current amount of attention I am paying to house duties, it will survive anywhere!

Luckily she’s filled it up with succulents. And geraniums … so it’s pretty much indestructible. Fingers crossed …

It looks great, doesn’t it?


      1. Yeah … well Reservoir … you go up Gilbert Road to the end roundabout near the lake and turn left, cross the river and turn left again. Treasures galore …


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