hensteeth emporium

I imagine that owning a second hand shop is possibly the perfect family business for a set designer …

About four years ago the dentist in behind the $2 shop at Fairfield shops moved to larger premises further up Station Street, and the space sat empty for ages.  And then Hensteeth Emporium opened it’s doors.

Hensteeth is owned by Adele and Rick.  Adele is a set designer and Rick is a musician/carpenter/handy-type and second hand aficionado.

I know them because Merryn taught their son Art, in kinder.  That year I heard lots of lovely things about Art and his creative Mum (I think Adele was doing set design for something glamorous like a film or TV series) and talented Dad.  And now they are parents at school with my kids.

Hensteeth has a little bit of everything, and not too much of anything.  I think Rick must be a very restrained second hand purchaser (I know I couldn’t show such self control – if I owned a shop I suspect it would soon be overflowing with stuff).   And Adele is clearly a talented set designer.   Because Hensteeth really feels like an interesting, but not too busy little apartment.  Somewhere you could sit down and hang out and daydream.


… yes, I would quite like a wall of wooden pigeon-hole shelving filled with interesting things at my house.


… or a dining room with blind art (that’s art on a window blind by Henry Maas who owned the Black Cat in Fitzroy and is a friend of theirs) and a timber dining setting.   With woven seats.  And a cow hide rug.  And an antler candlestick holder (Adele’s brother made this).


… and a yellow man/bookshelf.  With an interesting collection of records on it.


… or maybe I need a Decor cooler.  Which colour would I choose?

I think my friend Kylie had this daydream as well, as I recall her rocking up to school pick-up with a Decor cooler in hand – purchased from Hensteeth last summer.

And there are lots of other things that remind me of people I know as well …


Look Todd and G, a picture that would go with the one in your dining room.


And a tote betting board like Tony and Tam have in their lounge room.


and look Mezzy, your favourite shade of green in a light …


And a shoe last.  As you know I’ve got a couple already, but it’s good to know where I could buy another …

Now I am really hoping that Adele lets me take some photos at her house.  Last time I went in maybe 10 years ago it was up for auction and my overwhelming memory is of tiny rooms and cracked corrugated green roofing on lean-to walls?

I expect that things may have changed for the better and I am keen to see what has been done …


  1. This shop is truly adorable. , I do love the yellow book shelf, it would remind the kids of a lego man- don’t you think

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