my bike

I have taken up bike riding again. It’s because I have a new bike … well, new to me!

Darebin hard rubbish delivered in spades this year.

But before I tell the story, I just want to note that all of Clive’s hopes and dreams for this blog are coming true today, with the subject being second hand bikes.  Will he actually read it?  How could he not with such a direct title.  Clive, you never know, I might even write about second hand track bikes some day… maybe …


Anyway, I spotted this bike on the side of the road with a pile of other stuff. It looked so great that at first I wasn’t sure it didn’t belong to a person who’d just popped in to visit a friend and left their bike near a pile of hard rubbish, and oh dear … someone (me) stole it …

But no … I don’t think so. The tyres were completely flat so it hadn’t been ridden for a good while. And just to make sure I chatted to the neighbour as I struggled to put it on the roof of my car … so they could have given the police a description and number plate if necessary.

Anyway, I came home and pumped up the tyres, greased the chain … and started bike riding again.

This bike makes a lovely clicking sound when you’re coasting.  And it has a bell and a comfy seat.  And it is a great colour.

On the down side, it only has three gears. But they’re good gears … and really, the truth is that if I ever need more than that I’d probably get off and walk.  As far as I am concerned bikes (particularly with me pedalling) and hills just don’t mix.

So now I am on the lookout for a groovy basket. And I guess I should think about a cooler helmet than my really daggy blue and black one.  That’s the problem with a vintage bike, you have to have the right accessories (maybe I’m starting to see where you’re coming from Clive …).

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