wondering what to do with your old pink tub?

It seems to me that every paddock on my sister’s farm has an old bath tub or sink in it.   They make perfect water troughs for sheep. Pricey is always admiring free tubs and sinks (if he didn’t have 4 kids and a million and one baby items filling the Kia Grande Carnivale to the roof I suspect, for example, that the sink we ripped out of our kitchen would have headed back to the farm to lounge in a paddock).

So maybe it’s a country thing.  The shared love of recycling bathtubs and sinks outdoors …

Cos … check out the fish pond at Ali’s house.


The pastel pink iron tub is now a rustic fish pond, with a pump and real live growing plants and everything.  And I think when they had ducks it may have doubled as a ‘duck pond’.  And look, Ali’s got some little ducks to remind her of the real ones.

Ali has also recycled a letterbox in the back garden in the corner of the vegie patch.  It looks cute.  I didn’t ask her why she has it – maybe it’s for letter to santa?  Or the tooth fairy?  Her kids do seem a bit old for this type of thing though …



And of course there are chooks, and a functioning and productive vegie patch that is always amazing in summer and all sorts tins and recycled pots with plants in them. And a lemon tree.  I should have taken a photo.  Ali really loves her lemon tree …

Ali’s house really is like a farm, but in the city.



  1. I saw that on pinterest the other day too and thought it was a great idea and how much I needed one myself. I love that bathtub….when my kids are bigger I might make one. We do have a cute green bath hanging around a farm shed somewhere.


  2. Umm, the letterbox is for spare gardening tools & gloves, I saw it on Pinterest & thought what a cute idea 🙂


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