inspired by lucinda

I am feeling very crafty this week.  I can’t stop thinking about actually making something.  And I am super keen to find a great decorative foot stool (not too big) to begin my fur foot stool project.

So I spent the day Monday putting up posters inviting artists to submit works to Art4All and snuck in a bit of op shopping along the way.  I didn’t find my stool, but I did find something else I have been thinking of – a rug of  coloured knitted squares.

When I think of knitted squares I think of Lu.  She’s been knitting squares for years.  She is making a blanket for a bed – it must be triple king size by now … or maybe she just knits when she’s relaxing on holidays, which is when I mainly see her … I just don’t know how she has the patience for it.  I admire her tenacity.  But I just don’t have the commitment I am afraid.  And that’s why I bought this rug …

When I got home I headed out to the studio to see which piece of furniture would work well with squares this size (yes, I bought the rug  to upholster with the squares).


And when I tried them over these stools (I’ve got 2 of them) that I have had for ages sitting around, with no specific project in mind … they were perfect!

Given that I want to do both stools, and the rug has graduated colours (from greens and blues, through yellow to grays) I needed to pull the whole thing apart and reorganise the squares to make 2 interesting stools.  This took a while.  I made 2 collections of 20 squares each (and I’ve still got some good ones left over for another project …)


Then I couldn’t decide how to attach them together.  I was up til 1am crocheting (in purple).   But in the morning I didn’t really like the result.  So I abandoned stool number one and started on the second stool.


At 9am I said to Clive, ‘I am just going to sew these together’. It took me til 12.30pm to finish sewing … and I didn’t stop all that time.  But then it only took me 30 minutes to upholster.  So my stool project was completely finished by 1pm.


Given all the things I needed to do yesterday, I recognise that this was a bit of a waste of time.  EXCEPT – look how super fantastic it looks.  I love, love, love, love it!



I made myself wait til after dinner to start the next one.  And I got on with real life in the meantime.


  1. No that is not a waste of time…..priorities, craft comes before house work. Love it, squares fit perfect. A great post Leanne 🙂


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