ebay – home of the great rug bargain …

My Mum and Dad bought us a nice red Persian rug for a wedding present and I really love it so much.  I have a bit of a thing for Persian rugs.  I’d take a photo, but it’s under the dining room table which is currently littered with a combination of lego and my BRAND NEW UPHOLSTERY PROJECT (how exciting) and you would be hard pressed to appreciate the rug given the mess surrounding it!

In my view Persian rugs really do go with anything and everything.  Actually, when I think about it, this might NOT be the case …  so perhaps I should say that my decorating style that consists of white walls, timber, and art and decoration in variety of colour is well suited to the Persian rug … and leave it at that.  And I’ll add that I think they make any room feel like home.

And I’ll also add that I REALLY like the fact that they hide the dirt!  For this reason I am also a big fan of floral carpet (but NOT in the same room as a Persian rug of course).

And did you know that you can buy GREAT second hand rugs if you keep your eye out on Ebay?

Elise got this great Persian hall runner and another Persian rug at the front door for about $100 together.  And they are both so lovely.   And she also bought her thick and luxurious woollen lounge room rug on Ebay.  It cost about $220.  The colours are so beautiful.

General interest in great rugs waxes and wanes on Ebay.  Elise is cursing about two she didn’t bid on that went for around $70 in the last couple of weeks – who’d have thought that in the middle of winter you could get a rug bargain … and one was located in Fitzroy, just down the road.  So, you’ve got to keep your eye out.  And search for ‘rug’ and not just ‘Persian rug’.  And make sure you put in the ‘used’ filter.  And buy them from suburbs like Camberwell, Kew and South Yarra.  Places where people had the money to buy good quality rugs in the first place.  They’re the tips.


I shouldn’t be mentioning it now as Elise is thinking about upgrading and she doesn’t want any competition, so, maybe just hold off for a month or two if you feel inspired!

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