what I did for my birthday …

I went to the op shop.  With Elise.  Pretty funny huh?

Yep, I thought hard about what I wanted to do for the afternoon and I went to Savers in Greensborough …

… and then went out to Estelle for dinner (we had the 5 course menu which really was super delicious … the rhubarb and mandarin dessert at the end was GREAT!).


At Savers I bought …

  • an excellent pair jeans for me
  • a great cookbook for one of the nieces or nephews for Christmas (I really liked the first one in this series)
  • and a fur coat???!!


I am going to turn it into some furniture. I am inspired by the stools made by Wild Chairy in New Jersey … Now I just need a fancy stool or two …



  1. Happy birthday Leanne (and Elise!). Nothing better than finding an excellent pair of jeans secondhand! Susie xxx


  2. Good haul! I sometimes do the trek to Greensborough Savers too – never come home empty handed. I’ll be interested to see what you do with the fur. Great colour. Happy birthday – heard your mum was babysitting!


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