chook love (part 2)

They are pretty cute …

I’ve worked all day to finish the house and surrounding ‘landscaping’.

And I don’t think any part of it is new … maybe the chicken wire … but it came from Dad’s shed … it was left over from another project.  Dad made the gate (how great is it) and I attached the wire (oh staple gun, how I love you), and did some handy carpentry with the cordless drill, screws and the electric saw.

And Mum and I did lots of digging and sleeper moving.  We uncovered loads of bricks and pavers (still to be ‘placed’ but basically in place).  Dad made some super stakes to hold up our new garden bed using a round wooden pole discovered on the roof of the cubby – I wonder what it was?

And the chicks are living with an old set of drawers and some wooden boxes … perfect.

Thanks Mum and Dad (they may have worked even harder than me … cos I went to pick the kids up from school …)

And I filled the barrels, now they just need a paint … and some plants … let’s hope the rhubarb bounces back to life.  If it survived the trip from Cavendish to Melbourne surely it will make it from one side of the garden to the other?



  1. It all looks great – happy chooks, healthy eggs. You are sooo lucky to have such great supportive parents – can i please borrow them at my place?!


  2. Oh I love the little chook house, & the chickens are so cute hanging out together. Leanne you are one clever and lucky girl…( to have parents that love what you do & build,& garden with you 🙂 )
    just give the rhubarb some TLC & it should bounce back, & when you have too much just make rhubarb& apple pie for all your friends x


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