an outdoor project

This post is a work in progress.  I am tackling my garden, which is a bit of a disaster area.

I have to start somewhere, so the first job has been to put these pots in place and fill them with soil that was dumped in the corner when we did our paving.  Then, in the corner (where the soil was dumped) I will move the chook house, and build a new bigger one alongside for the 6 chicks.  We think we have 3 hens which we will keep.  And they need a nice home.


But back to the wine barrels.  I got these about 2 months ago.  People about 12 houses down the road had them out on the nature strip at 9.30am on a Saturday, and Clive noticed them as he drove past to take the kids to swimming lessons.  He rang me on his mobile and asked me to go and get them (we’d been discussing wine barrel garden beds for a while).  So, I took the car up the street, but then didn’t know how I would fit them in my boot.  After some discussion with the lovely retired man who was getting rid of them, I took my car home and returned with my wheelbarrow.

10 minutes and two quick trips later I had the barrels home in my driveway!

And there they sat …  until yesterday.  Mum and Dad came around to give me a hand, and while I de-blackberried the garden (we have the  most annoying blackberry that has wedged into the fence and is impossible to get rid of) Mum rolled them around the back.

Then I lined them with black plastic (another hard rubbish find – it came on a handy roll and I picked it up just for this purpose) using my trusty staple gun.  And proceeded to fill them with soil.

That’s as far as I got (well not even quite full to be truthful), because while I was doing this Dad started building the gate for the new chookhouse, and I got excited about the chooks having a new home, and so got diverted to that project … and today I am going to work really hard and finish them both off, and I will give you an update and some ‘finished product’ pictures  …

Anyway, I think the wine barrels are looking good … I am going to paint the white metal black I think.  And put my rhubarb into one, and also get a herb garden back up and running …

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