our new op shop table

We’ve had a round table in our kitchen.  A lovely oak one.

But it has 4 legs and so we only fit 4 seats, and there are 5 of us.  So, we always have to pull up a chair.

For a long time I have been looking in magazines at round tables with a central leg, and thinking that this would be a much better option, as you can fit 5 chairs at these tables easily.

On Friday I went to Churches of Christ op shop on the corner of Oakover Road and High Street and found THE PERFECT table.

It has a nice solid central leg and HAS ALREADY BEEN PAINTED WHITE (so I don’t have to do it!).  And it was only $50.

I bought  it at about 2pm, and by 3pm it was delivered and promptly installed in it’s final resting place by Elise and I (we are quite adept at moving chunky furniture around houses now).  I wiped it down, and viola!

For our family it works so much better than the old one (which is going to Elise’s house … she has been wanting a round table to replace the rectangular one in her formal dining area, perfect!).

I found 5 odd chairs around the house and put them at the table.  I think I might paint a couple of chairs a deep blue  (ie. the one currently painted brown), and leave some timber, and maybe make some chair cushions in blue too.

Matching, but not too matching.  That’s my aim.  And I will be SO HAPPY.


Now I just need to get the tiler in to do the old fireplace (only a year after our renovation …) and the caulker, and the kitchen will be done!


  1. A great find for you – isn’t it great when you go somewhere and what you want jumps out at you – like it is MEANT to be…


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