from ishka to the op shop to my house

20140721-181608-65768743.jpg I always like these ceramic drawers when I see them at Ishka and the like.  They remind me of my friends Susie.  And the other day I found this little set at the op shop.

Pretty cute huh? Being true to the whole Ishka/Indian meditative vibe I am using them to store the bits and bobs associated with my oil burner (also an op shop purchase).

This is a great oil burner because it is nice and deep, so the water lasts longer than the candle … insurance against an unexpected fire if (or more accurately when) I forget I have lit the candle and leave it unattended.


not the greatest staining I’ve ever seen – hello sander!

When I got these drawers they required a bit of work. The timber was stained a very orange-red colour – yuk!  Out came the sander, and then the shellac. And now they are a much better colour.

I am v. happy with the outcome.  They add a little bit of personality to my house!


I so love the photograph above, Clive bought this from an exhibition at Gold Street Gallery a few years ago – it is a picture from the first ascent of Everest, porters and climbers in crazy outfits in the snow!


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