chairs, chairs, chairs – ideas


inspiration spotted at The Emporium in the city

Every year at Art4All we have a chair auction. Parents and family are invited to make, reinvent or decorate a chair for the auction.  Usually we have around 10 or so chairs up for grabs on opening night.  Sometimes, if parents are FAMOUS artists, and they decorate a chair, people spend heaps of money on them.  Other years chairs go for more modest prices.  But still, the auction makes a couple of thousand dollars and enables anyone in the school community who has a good idea to have a go.

I have entered chairs every year that my kids have been at the school and I love thinking about what to make.  Usually I am just inspired from home magazines.  Whenever I open one I think … there’s a good idea.  One year I made a map chair when they were first in Home Beautiful.  Then I made a chair out of hessian when hessian was all the rage in Inside Out.  I have done some screen printing and some tea towel chairs.  And this year I am still looking at my pile of hard covered books to make my book chair, but feeling a little daunted.

Here is some other inspiration I have been contemplating (yes it is my chair inspiration page on pinterest).   So many great ideas out there!

And here are some of the chair options I have hanging around (literally in some cases) at home.

I am feeling the need to produce something … and the need to get cracking on this project.


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