when at rio (2)

Yep, we went to see Rio 2 yesterday. Clive suggested that he’d go and buy a bike shed instead … but I insisted he come along to the 10th birthday party with 12 kids.  Quite frankly I would have preferred to wander around looking at sheds at Bunnings too.

Especially for this movie.  I went to Frozen, twice, without complaint (and sometimes I sing the songs in the car).  But Rio 2 isn’t the best movie in the world.  It is fine, but definitely a sequel, you know …  quite a lot of padding and not a lot of substance.

However, the kids didn’t mind.  They had lots of fun.  As it was at lunchtime I made little lunchboxes for them all.  I included sushi, popcorn, a lolly bag, a chocolate chip biscuit and a drink.  Enough junk to see them through 2 hours. And then we had cup cakes for a birthday cake afterwards.

I took along my designated ‘picnic bag’ to carry some of the food.  This is a bag that I love.


I found my ‘picnic bag’ at hard rubbish.  But I don’t really think of it as hard rubbish as it was just the neighbours hard rubbish … which is sort of nearly just a gift??  It is quite attractive and timeless on the outside … but very fun inside!

Check it out … it is the perfect size for picnics.  And it has some little pockets in the lining that are big enough for serviettes or cutlery if needed.  I keep it at the front of the roof storage area in the studio, along with the soft esky.  These are the two things I pull out most often to use.


  1. Ha – Holly (big sister), took Luke (little brother) to see Rio 2 during the school holidays. Afterwards I asked Luke what he thought. “I just went because I knew Holly wanted to see it” was his reply!


  2. “sort of nearly just a gift” – ha! Surely! Great picnic bag. We saw Rio 2 at the drive-in… I spent a considerable amount of time watching the other two screens and trying to decipher what movies they were..


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