the month of birthdays


21 June to the 26 July is the month of birthdays. My dad, my niece, my mother in law, India, my other niece, Jemima and then … when I am completely over birthdays … mine and Elise’s.

I was so happy that all my kids were born in June, July and September … no agonies about when to start school.

On the other hand my birthday (that’s MY one day of the year and I DO like to celebrate it) feels somehow diminished by the 6 birthdays that come before … just organising the family parties is enough, but then there’s the friends parties, interrupted by school holidays … aagh. July is now all about kids parties … WHEN IT’S MEANT TO BE ALL ABOUT ME!

However, of perhaps more interest to you, a reader of this blog, I note that the month of birthdays gives my inherited glass cake stand … which I love … a solid work out.

And it did look good on Sunday with a lovely pink iced sponge on it – from Gusto Bakery, Station Street (why make a cake when you can buy a super one like this for $13 or so).


Happy birthday Jemima! I promise I will finally get around to organising your friends party this week … hopefully …


  1. Our crazy time is Jan-Feb, and I’m last too! We still have the birthday bunting up outside from Jan… hmmm.. seems excessive.

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  2. Oh I know the feeling – we have a glut of birthdays too – My Eldest in the last week of May, my youngest in the middle of June, the twins two weeks later in July and mine the same week! Birthday fatigue! It’s hard to rev up the energy to make more cake and sing that song AGAIN. Mind you I have a friend with five kids and ALL of their birthdays are in may – four in the one week!

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