a driftwood project or two

I do love driftwood, and I decided to collect some when I was at the beach in winter last year.  There was loads of it around and every day I collected a handful of sticks.

I brought them home with the idea of making some stacked driftwood hangings. But it took me ages to get around to this project.

In the meantime we had a makers market at school and I needed something to display jewellery on, so I got some driftwood out and screwed it together.


At the market a number of people asked where I got my stands from and if they were for sale … I couldn’t really sell them, they were made in a pretty slapdash way …

Since then I got sick of the piles of driftwood hanging around the house and so finally also made my driftwood hangings (thanks Dad for drilling the holes). I’ve now got one at the front door and one hanging from the rafter above my desk.  I think Mum wants one though, for her pergola, and truth be known I probably don’t need two at my house.



But now I really want to try and make a light. These holidays I am on the lookout for fatter driftwood that I could drill a hole in big enough to thread electrical cord through. Hmm, more piles around the house … And even if I do finish this project I will need to find someone who needs a driftwood light …

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