anglesea op shop – is it the best in the world?

We are super lucky to be down at Airey’s Inlet, and yesterday I headed in to Anglesea for some op shopping.

Hello Seaside Seconds!


I love the kitchen room at this op shop. Actually I love every room at this op shop. And straight away I found 2 little containers for the kids to take hot food to school. Thermos brand, spoons included. How great! And check out these saucepans, heavy, enamelled, great condition, excellent shape, super kitsch … They’ll add a touch of ‘fun floral european yesterday’ to wherever they finally reside.




And for me a pair of skinny leg Zara jeans. And for our couch a bone cushion cover …


And I got some mags for 20 cents each – holiday reading and crosswords in front of the fire. Perfect. Bathrooms, kitchens, Royals. Bring on the bad weather, I am ready!


  1. OMG – I was in this op shop during the first week of the holidays (it was wet and cold outside..) what an organised place – soooo much to look at, so little time…..


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