two pink cosies

Usually I drink coffee but when I have a cup of tea I make it in a pot. And I do like my pot to look good. And tea cosies do make a pot look great.

Every year when we go to the Royal Melbourne Show I take my kids to the craft section and admire the tea cosies (the tea cosy swap was great last year).

I have inherited a few tea cosies and made a few for presents and myself, and the other day I bought a couple from the op shop. How cute are they? Pink doesn’t really match my current kitchen colour scheme. But maybe if I use them outside, and pour my tea near my macrame planters I will be in business.


Or, thinking more practically, I guess I could just pull out some pink cups and saucers … Yes, pink cosy, pink roses, pink Johnsonware. Perfect.



  1. Oh I do love a tea cosie too, and these are really cute, & look great with the pink tea cups, good op shopping Lea:)


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