op shop shoes

I am laughing to myself as I write this as I could swear that I buy all of my shoes new … because I like what I like when it comes to shoes.  I never (well it takes ages to) wear them out, and I am happy to spend money on them.

But then I had a look in my wardrobe, and actually I have quite a few op shop shoes.


When I buy shoes at the op shop I tend to buy brands – I’ve got bottle green Campers shoes, black buckle up Campers with a square toe that look great with tights, pink Campers sandshoes, 2 pairs of Birkenstocks (one pair of blue clogs, one pair of brown sandals), my purple Saltwater sandals (Merryn found them at Rosebud this Christmas in the kids shoe section), some wooden clogs and a pair of thongs (which I am not really in to but they do have a lovely sparkly jewel on them which in my book makes them ‘more than thongs’).

The best op shop shoes that I wore all the time last summer are the Midas tan ones, but actually I think they might be school fete shoes … maybe Clifton Hill last year?  (note that school fetes are probably the best places for buying second hand shoes,).  I just like the colour of these shoes.  They look nice with everything.

And look, they will be great with my new op shop handbag … I can hardly wait til summer comes around again so that I can use both of them at the same time.  How coordinated will I be?!!

In the meantime I am thinking about a pair of tan boots …  but I might head to Jackie’s shop  ili again … since I bought my Eos boots last winter and then a pair of their great sandals from Jackie this summer I am having trouble looking past this brand (they are SOO comfortable) … and I am yet to come across Eos shoes at the op shop (I am most definitely keeping my eye out though).




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