nanna’s nut loaf

I was bit jealous that Merryn inherited Nanna’s cookbook.  I am not sure how it came to be.  I guess she was there at the right time, and expressed an appropriate interest.  And … there you go.

BUT … a couple of weeks ago Mum – still clearing out stuff from her house – gave me a plastic bag of ‘recipes from Aunty Jean’.  As Aunty Jean was Nanna’s sister I took them based on ‘near enough is good enough’ type thinking (you know, not Nanna’s but still part of her family and worth keeping).

THEN … yesterday I took a look at the books Mum gave me, and … I did a double take because I recognised the writing.  A couple of the books were Aunty Jeans, however 2 were Nanna’s original cookbooks ….  I am so excited!!!

This one is from when I was little.  Look … on the inside cover is a list of things I couldn’t eat (I used to get migraines all the time and went off dairy and eggs etc. in grade 2).


And so today I  share with you her nut loaf recipe.  It is THE BEST NUT LOAF EVER!  And on the side you can see that it comes from her Mum, so it’s my great nanna’s recipe! All nut loaf I eat I compare to this, and they are NEVER as good …  I can hardly wait to make it!


Nanna’s Nut Loaf

2 eggs

2 cups self raising flour

1 cup caster sugar

1 piece of butter (walnut size)

1 cup of walnuts and raisins

2/3 cup milk

1/2 teaspoon mixed spice

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

You need to beat the eggs, rub the butter into the flour, and add the sugar, walnuts and raisins and spices.  Mix.  Then add the milk.  Mix and pour into 2 tins (loaf tins).  No instructions here but I think she lined them.

If you can’t decipher the instructions on the side it says to cook on the second rung from the top (these instructions are specific to her oven), at 375F (which, using the handy chart on the inside cover of Nanna’s recipe book is 190C) for 40 minutes.

The very best thing about this recipe is that it makes two loaves … when we were little we ate one for afternoon tea with butter, and then got to take one home, wrapped up in baking paper.


  1. It is great to have something to keep from someone you care about – i have my mums PMWU book with recipes on bits of paper – same handwriting as your grandma – must be the same vintage! Also got to try the nut loaf even before i had read the post! (thanks Ali)


  2. I had to make it & take to sue for our crafty morning tea, it was delicious, thanks for sharing. I love the old hand writing, it really is special.


  3. Love this Leanne, how exciting! A couple of years ago my aunt scanned our Grandma’s handwritten recipes along with some old photos and made notes about memories associated with them. She had books made up for us all and gave them as Christmas presents.


  4. Doesn’t hand writing have the incredible power to evoke the essence of a person? So lovely that you treasure these books. The nut loaf sounds delicious – my mum used to cook nut loaves in empty cans, boiled, and it always looked so good sliced into circles. I don’t have my mum’s or grandmother’s cookbooks but I do have my granny and great aunt’s song books where they would write out lyrics into an exercise book then send it on to a sister so she could copy them and so on – that way when they got together for sing-alongs they had the same lyrics!


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