love letters (part 2)


Okay, I thought I would give them ALL away, but then … I put these up in the kitchen, just to see how they looked, and I LIKE THEM.  Pretty corny … but they are just sitting there … I didn’t even have to attach them.  And how cool is the photo with the sun shining on them … I was snapping away and it just happened … It’s like they are MEANT TO BE!

So, I think I’ll keep these ones.  I have put the number 10 aside for Ali, and ALEX aside for Sue, and FOX aside for my friend Katrina (she didn’t ask for them, but  given that she IS a fox by birth she should probably have them, whether she asked or not …) and Kayti is also coming over to choose some for a project she has in mind …

And next week, when the tour starts, I might even rearrange the ones I am keeping … happy days.




  1. Yes, the photo is a winner! Now need to think of an appropriate design for sign “Alex” – here i come pinterest! THANKS LEANNE


  2. Perfect, I think it really suits your kitchen . And I’m looking forward to receiving my ’10’. Thanks lea x


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