cocktails and dreams …

A couple of years ago Elise and I thought we might have a cocktail party for our birthday (we are twins) . Inspired by my friend Wendy who has a little collection of op shop vintage glasses, Elise and I started collecting …

In the end we got together about 80 glasses. Our average spend was somewhere between 50 cents and $1 per glass.  We visited lots of op shops and tried to get them in sets.  It seemed that this was the cheaper option.  And in a few cases Elise negotiated deals (how about all these for $5?).


And the party was great.

And since then having a collection of fun but ‘not precious’ cocktail glasses has come in very handy.  Elise and I have both used them for Christmas drinks, Elise has lent them to her sister-in-law, I have lent them to friends up the road, and to friends of friends, and I just got the box of them out again on Friday for another friend down the road (that’s south right?).

Here are the 14 glasses I sent off for use this weekend, and the rest of the box that I packed away under the bed again.





  1. Love the old fashioned shape of the glasses – if some of them have a hollow stem all the better! Love to see the bubbles rise! What a great way to give them new life, and sharing them round even the better…


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