some new tea towels

On Monday I was home with 2 out of 3 sick children. On Tuesday I was over it. I dosed them up with Panadol and sent them to school. I did send a note to the teacher telling them to call me if they were too sick. But they were fine. I thought they would be. They spent Monday pottering about – certainly not at death’s door!

I was so relieved to have everyone out of the house. I desperately needed to go shopping for emergency food supplies (you know, dinner, lunch tomorrow) and as it was icy cold and blowing a gale I went to the shops in my car.   Everyone else had the same idea I think, as there were cars everywhere. I eventually got a park in the Gillies Street car park right out the front of one of my favourite op shops.

The Gateway Op Shop is run by St Andrews Church, Fairfield. It is small and pokey, but full of bargains and treasures!

I just popped my nose in the door … I might have stayed 20 minutes … I spent $10 … but it was worth it …

I got a great knitted dolls outfit for $4 (probably made by someone at the church). It is new.  It is going to be gorgeous on a teddy – I’ll save it for a present! One of my kids will love it.


And a little cross stitch of 2 rams that is really cute for $1. I like craft when the subject is not something you’d expect …


And 2 records for 50 cents each … I read about cutting vinyl on Pinterest and am keen to give it a crack. And I love the logo printed on the sleeve. I am sure I will use this for something.


And 2 tea towels for $2 each to add to my Australiana collection.  I don’t think they have ever been used.  One still has half the sticker on it.

I love Australiana tea towels. When I first collected them I made some handbags out of them. But soon moved on to soft furnishings (cushions).


Mostly though, I use them to cover chairs and little footstools. Like these two (thank you Darebin hard rubbish 2013).




  1. My sister-in-law made me a nice apron from an Australiana teatowel, with the map of Tasmania very strategically placed 😉 Makes me laugh every time I see it.


  2. Wow! Those footstools are amazing! I’d gladly sit on Tassie. Oh and we made record bowls for our school fete following some online tutorial and it was easy and worked well!


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