oh tip shop how I love thee

I haven’t been to Darebin tip shop (more correctly known as Outlook Environmental Market at Reservoir tip) for the whole year. Last year when Scarlett was home I went pretty much every week – she played with bikes and stuff, I browsed. Perfect.

I went yesterday again, and was reminded why I used to go so frequently. So many great things …

When I go the first thing I always do is walk down the chair aisle – inspiring for the chair auction at Art4All and feeding my general interest in re-upholstering furniture. And I came across a chair that took me back to my childhood. We had 6 of these chairs around our mission brown laminated oval dining table. So 1970s.


Then there was the Art Deco table with the glass top and 4 chairs for $120 (hello Katrina) and the stripy armchair (hello Lu).

Some hair rollers (how fun), some great pillow cases, a blackboard I meant to buy but forgot about (only $3), some great kids clothes (if I knew anyone needing size 1 stuff) and a cute yellow hand made blanket, and outside some lovely blue tiles (hello Elise for your new house).

And if only I didn’t already have 2 boxes of china under the bed I would have bought the 4 Johnson plates with blue flowers and the 11 geometric English stoneware plates … and the coloured glasses – I arranged these nicely, took a snap, turned my back for 5 minutes and somebody had bought them! Great purchase.


I came home with a very restrained haul of 3 Country Road bowls with a blue trim (to match in with my willow pattern blue collection), a GREAT tablecloth, some fat wool/twine (hello macrame my new/old friend). And a Spanish cookbook. All items $1 each.


Oh, and check out this unfinished project … Way to much work, but good on someone for starting it …


A note to me … I love the tip shop.


  1. PLEASE PLEASE take me with you one day….looks like a great place..recycling at its finest….you showed great restraint..


  2. Ooh I would have bought that unfinished macramé- I actually there needs to be an online unfinished craft adoption service/swap! I would take on other people’s projects and finish them and sometimes can’t maintain interest in my own projects and would happily pass them on half finished! Could it be an app??? Anyway great tip shop haul. Some of my best stuff has come from the tip shop in Launceston many years ago including a box of Australian Home Journals from the fifties for $1!


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