numbers and letters – give away

So, a couple of years ago I was at Camberwell Market, and I came across a pile of numbers from a petrol station – you know, the ones they put up to tell you the price of the petrol.

And, I remembered my friend Tony commenting on how good the big numbers looked at one of his friends houses on Clarke Street, Northcote (I think) and although I have never actually seen the big numbers he was referring to, when I came across these I thought, I could have big numbers too!

So, I dug out a 7 and a 4.  I think I paid $10 each.  I brought them home but then I was a little nervous about putting them up.  I didn’t want to crack the perspex.  So, about a year passed, and these numbers sat near my front door, until one day I asked my Dad about them.  Easy! was his conclusion. And he whipped out his drill and put holes in them before I could blink – not a crack in sight –  and then we screwed them on to the weatherboards.  And another procrastinated job was done.


How good do they look (have you noticed I always ask this question)?  I like them because they draw your eye away from the rusty gutters and general clutter!   And, it does make it easy for pizza delivery and taxis.

So, you can imagine that I was thrilled to come across a pile of similar perspex letters and numbers (they are a bit smaller than mine and the black is clear and clear is black …) during Coburg hard rubbish collection!  I gathered them all up before anyone else saw them and realised how great they could be, and proudly brought them home.


But, to tell you the truth, I don’t really NEED them all.  One set of perspex numbers is cool (and maybe I could get away with another word somewhere inside) but a house where every room has perspex signage is a bit OTT I suspect.

So, I am happy to give some letters and numbers away.

But because I found them, and now I love them, I want them to go to a good home.   So, if  you would like some of them, tell me the word you would like, and why, and where you are going to put it.  And … you have to commit to sending me a photo!  Next week I will let you know the outcome.  And if no one wants them I suspect some lucky family members will be getting some personalised perspex for Christmas (below, bottom right???).

How fun, I have just spent fifteen minutes rearranging them into words on the lounge room floor.  There are so many options …



  1. My eldest daughter and youngest son both have personalised names in their rooms. Alas my middle child does not (is that middle child syndrome or some such thing?) She loves New York style , lofty stuff, so i am thinking these style of letters/numbers fit the brief! And, her name is only 4 letters – ALEX! What do you think? Otherwise, could leftovers be somehow fashioned onto one of the many chairs I possess for auction at an up an coming art show i know of?!?!


  2. The number 10 would be great on my house….I only have a small number, which is not helpful when people are trying to find us. I have always admired your Perspex number, I love how you find & reuse stuff 🙂


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