the bane of my life … soft toys

The other night, at least half and hour after I thought she was asleep, Scarlett came out of the bedroom.

‘Mummy, I have set up my toys in my bed for your blog, can you take a photo?’  Sort of cute, sort of not what I was hoping for at 9pm.

But then I thought it was pretty great that my kids were wanting to be part of the blog world (it was the dolls house post that did it for them), so I dragged myself off the couch to take a snap.


care bears and owls from school fetes, a giant white dog that just ‘appeared’, it’s endless …

Soft toys are the bane of my life.  My kids love them. Every fete and op shop that we visit they want one.  And at Kmart and Target.  It is never ending.  Sometimes I precursor the visit to the op shop or fete or shop with a ‘now, you can come along but WE ARE NOT BUYING ANY SOFT TOYS’.  It doesn’t ever work.  They always ask.  And then, at the op shop, invariably the staff want to get rid of the soft toys too, and they give them to the kids for free.

I think to myself, surely we don’t need another dog … but actually, the kids always play with toys in families.  10 dogs is so much better than one.  So in some ways, I guess we do.

Anyway, while I am writing about soft toys, check out our soft toy storage trolley.  I purchased it last Christmas as The Factory Antiques at Dromana.  I really love it.  You can get new ones like it at Ikea.  That might nearly be as good.  But not quite. I am sure.

If I have to have 20 million soft toys in the house, at least they are stored on something I like.  I think this almost makes all the soft toys worthwhile.


and where did the pony come from, and the kissing seals, and all the dogs … I don’t know



  1. They are insidious. It is scary how quickly kids become attached to them. I went through M’s soft toy box the other day thinking I could some covert editing… but I couldn’t bear the thought of potential repercussions.I think the key must be to “disappear” them VERY soon after acquisition.


  2. Ugh! Soft toys! I’m with you… If only I had such a gorgeous trolley to balance out the ugh!


  3. This is the prettiest blog I’ve ever seen! You did a great job Scarlett.
    Lots of love from your nanna.


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