when a cafe is better than a milk bar


There used to be the world’s worst local shop on Thomson Street Northcote. A milk bar that never had anything you needed, was dreadfully dark and dreary with bars on the windows, and to top it off NEVER open.

When it closed (finally, completely) I was so hoping that something good would replace it.

And it did. Some locals turned it into a cafe, Thomson Street Foodstore.

I have to say that MY MOST FAVOURITE MUFFIN EVER came from here … It was vanilla and lemon curd. Sooooo good. I still think about it.

I love this sort of cafe. Catering to the neighbourhood, with shared tables and some outdoor seats bringing life back to suburban streets. There is always someone in there. And it feels like home.

And yes, there’s some second hand stuff. Check out the ceramic ware on the shelves! How 1980s. And the big table is recycled. And my coffee came on a great yellow floral saucer – that’s enough to cheer anyone up!


This time when I visited had avocado toast. With feta and seeds and a lemon wedge. Yum.


  1. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! And to answer one of the questions yes all the ceramics are from the 70s and some from the 80s. All of the little saucers are donated or picked up from garage sales. My favorite piece in the cafe, the huge communal table was a challenge for me and my husband… to build from only scrap we had at home! Right down to the screws… Each one was salvaged from the shed floor!
    Thanks again for all the positive feedback 🙂 see you soon, Thomson street team


  2. Oh, how fantastic! I’m busy developing an op-shopping habit – props for my food pics – just love all the bits and pieces in these shots – all that stoneware. Wonder if it’s from the 70s?!


  3. Agreed! The worst milk bar replaced with one if the best cafés. Plus they have a veggie garden swap so you can take in your extra produce and swap it for someone else’s extra! ❤️


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