terry toweling hand-me-downs

My very favourite outfit when I was about 9 was a terry toweling jumpsuit.  Elise and Merryn and I had matching ones in pastel pink, yellow and blue.  I recall they had white trim.  They zipped up at the front.  WE LOVED THEM!

I was in the middle of shellacking my coffee table on Thursday when I heard the doorbell.  It was my lovely friend Aileen with a bag of hand-me-downs for my kids.  Aileen also has a penchant for terry toweling. So I am always thrilled when she generously thinks of us!

And I should have known it was coming – Kyle took the kids to his family holiday house for the long weekend, and Aileen always takes such opportunities to do a sneaky cull.  In the last few years my family has been the beneficiary.  Jemima’s most favourite outfit for the last 2 summers has been the matching lolly pink Bonds terry toweling set comprising singlet top and shorts from Aileen.

So, I think I might have to give up shopping … at least for a while. Or at least for the kids …

This time Scarlett’s winter wardrobe gets a sparkly lift with a gorgeous matching jumper, hat and gloves, 2 pairs of jeans (with one being Target jeggings which are about the only ‘jeans’ the kids don’t complain about) some great basic long sleeved t-shirts and a super fold up rain coat.

And for summer, 2 jumpsuits (I love these on kids and they are super handy on holidays) – the pink one in terry toweling –  and some t-shirts, 2 great skirts, a stripy blue and white dress …. and a terry toweling stripy hoodie – yeah!


And, some saltwater sandals …


And there’s more, but I don’t want to go on too much … Thanks heaps Aileen!


  1. Not just terry towelling jumpsuits, but PASTEL terry towelling jumpsuits! Can we see a photo of the matching three girls? Great hand-me-down stash too!


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