op shop beads

If you are not into rifling through other peoples old clothes (and I know that some people aren’t) then there are heaps of other things you can look out for at op shops.

One great thing is jewellery.

You never know what you will come across at the op shop in the way of beads and necklaces.

Whenever I go to the op shop with Elise she always seems to come away with necklaces that I covet. For example, she recently found this great Elk necklace at the op shop.  With a little bug on it.  It looks excellent on.

Today I have done a bit of a raid on Elise’s wardrobe to bring you some great op shop finds. And they all cost only a few dollars.

Her most recent purchase was the big cream flower necklace.  She had been admiring similar over-sized flower jewellery at the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy on a Saturday morning.

And what do you know … something just like it turns up at the op shop …

Surely this is inspiration for your next op shop visit?

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