second time round at handmade canberra

I have lots of crafty ideas, and I have collections of things that I like and one day hope to use in a project.  So when I go to op shops, amongst other things, I often check out the floral sheets and woollen blankets.

A few years ago I had a run on making kids skirts out of floral sheets.  Quite a few kids I know ended up with my floral-sheet-turned-skirt creations.  And I also used some recycled floral sheeting in a quilt I made.  But I still have quite a stash left over, and sometimes I add to it.

And I LOVE old woollen blankets.  I have collected some with the vague idea of making a quilt.  But I am not sure how I would join the pieces and so I have never started – and I am a bit unwilling to make the first snip into them in case my project doesn’t work out and in the meantime I have ruined a lovely woollen blanket.

But CHECK THESE OUT!  I am not suggesting I would ever make them (I like the 10 minute sewing job) but they are SO GREAT!  I wish I could make them!


We went to Canberra on the weekend, and I left the kids and Clive at Questacon and dropped in to Handmade Canberra (on quarterly at the Canberra National Convention Centre) which was an excellent bespoke craft market.

And I found these gorgeous kids jackets made from recycled woollen blankets and lined with recycled sheets. These were by far my most favourite thing. No one in my family needs one of these, but I want one so much …

And then, to top it off, I saw these super cute pants made out of recycled flannelette shirts also made by Second Time Round.  I can just imagine pretty much every little boy I know looking great in these!!!


I love the minimal patchwork look.  It makes them pretty cool I reckon …matched with a pair of blundstones.  It’s taking me back to the glory days of Melbourne University in the 1990s.


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