pressed metal

I really love pressed metal.

The first student house I lived in (Otter Street, Collingwood) had pressed metal ceilings in the lounge room. This feature was BY FAR the best thing in the house (the rest of it was dreadful).

In the last few years a few people I know have used pressed metal in their rennovations.  I have friends who have a pressed metal feature wall in their dining room.  And other friends who have used it outside as cladding for their house.

And my Mum has used it in her bathroom instead of tiling. And I think it looks great with her second hand cream tub and pedestal basin. What appeals to me is that it is sort of busy, but also quite plain – it is like wallpaper in this regard, but a bit more practical in a wet area!

One comment

  1. I love pressed metal and was very confident I could do it myself. With vast wallpapering experience in the 70’s and some successful tiling projects, what could be so hard? Well, unlike wallpaper it doesn’t bend or self-adhere. It’s much bigger and sharper than tiles and has to be screwed.
    It was well worth the struggle however and looks beautiful. A very practical surface in our minimally used second bathroom, but of course the painted surface wouldn’t withstand family wear and tear.
    Good luck if you feel inspired!


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