a ‘me’ cover for my ipad mini

I have a cover for my ipad mini that has a keyboard built in, but it is driving me crazy when I go out.  I want to take my ipad with me because I want to use it to take photos when interesting things present themselves, but then the cover I have has to open up, and it swings around, and it all gets a bit awkward (especially when I am balancing a shopping basket of second hand treasures at the same time).

So, I decided to make one.

The night before last I had a look on Pinterest.  There were so many options.  Here’s some I considered.  I wouldn’t mind a knitted one, but I think a nice non-stretchy one would be better.  So, the loop and button ones caught my eye.

Yesterday I got cracking.  I dug into my box of second hand Australiana tea towels, table cloths and napkins, and found a great little napkiny thing that was just the right size.

And I had some leftover bone-coloured linen from something I made at Christmas – purchased at Rathdowne Remnants (I do like that shop) in Brunswick.  And some leather that I cut into a strip.  And a button that I bought ages ago at The Friendship Tree.

And I used my new sewing machine properly for the first time!

So, here’s the instructions if you too want to whip up a cover for your ipad mini.

How to make a cover for your ipad mini …

I cut out 4 pieces of material – 2 for lining and then a back and a front, all the same size (17 cm wide and 24cm long).  I then cut out a front pocket piece that was the same 17 cm width but a bit shorter, about 16 cm long (note that I cut it on an edge that was already hemmed at the top so I didn’t have to hem it there).


here’s the little napkin/placemat I used


these are the 5 pieces of material I cut out

I put the nice side of the lining face to face and I sewed it on 3 sides, about 10mm in, leaving it open across the top end.

Next I sewed the front pocket onto the front piece of material, about 5mm in from the edge.  I also sewed a line down the middle to make 2 pockets (one wide enough to store my phone in … how VERY organised I will be).

Then I placed the nice sides of the front and back pieces face to face and sewed around the 3 sides again 10 mm in, and leaving the top open.

Next I ironed the raw edges at the top 10mm in.  So for the cover I turned it back out the right way, so I could see what it would look like, and I ironed the top edge inside. For the lining, I left it inside out as I’d sewn it, and folded and ironed the top edge out.  If I haven’t explained this properly then hopefully the photo will help.


What it means is that when you put the lining inside the cover material, and sew all the way around at about 5mm in, you can’t see any seams any more.  It’s like magic!!!  And as I was sewing I added in my length of leather sewing both ends in, so that it made a loop for my button.

IMAG2285 IMAG2286

Then I put in my ipad mini (hooray it fit) and I checked where the button should go and sewed it on with some glorious silk thread inherited from my grandpa.

I now feel that my ipad is not just a bit of technology but a bit technology encased in some personality!



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