bed socks

Late last week when I was at St Vincents op shop on High Street in Kew I came across an old suitcase full of kids sized bed socks for $3 each. Someone had obviously found a project they could manage and just stuck with it (there were at least 15 pairs). I wonder who made them all and why?

I have such fond childhood memories of these socks. My nan knitted some for us grandkids at one point, and I can remember sliding around the house on the wooden floors in them, and wearing them way after my feet had grown too big from them. When I think about it I can still feel the ridges of the knitting under my feet and how my toes squashed into the end.

I couldn’t resist buying some for my kids.

These would be super presents for our ‘second hand christmas’. Maybe I’ll go back and buy some more for my nieces and nephews. Or you could pop in and buy some if you love them too (there were some brown ones on the table if pink’s not your thing).

I could even pretend that I made them myself … nah, it”s sort of a good idea but I am hopeless at lying like that! I can’t ever resist telling people how much of a bargain things were …

I like your top Leanne, a friend will say.

Thanks, it only cost $5 at xxx, I automatically reply.

Anyway, I think I will end up giving them to my kids now … What’s the point of waiting til summer when they might need them in winter.



  1. Also your family might have seen your blog and know you didn’t really make them! (although of course you could have if you wanted to) Merryn
    One of my very first crocheting efforts was a pair of “wedding night bed socks” for our good friends Toddy and G.


  2. I also had some like this, knitted by my Nana. Mine were rainbow wool and my brother had navy and white (for Geelong). They lasted until Mum did a ‘Make your own sheepskin moccasins’ course at the local community centre, at which point we were all forced to switch to Mum’s creations!


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