rebecca and greta

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I found my copy of The Complete Asian Cookbook at an Anglesea op shop.  And there were a few suggestions from people as to other great cookbooks to add to my collection.

The one I hadn’t ever heard of before was The Greta Anna Recipes, suggested by my friend Rebecca, which was a favourite of her Mum and Nanna.  She mentioned that she had been looking out for a copy with no luck.  At the time I looked it up online to see what it was, and I registered in my brain that it was a yellowy colour with big lettering.

So … the other day was the first time I went to the op shop and looked for cookbooks since that post.  And … you will never believe in a million years what I found …

More Greta Anna Recipes!


I wasn’t sure if this was the right one as it was an aqua blue colour.  Umming and ahhing I looked at the rest of the cookbooks and I found ….

The Greta Anna Recipes! And it was orange!


It was 3pm, and I was in Kew and I needed to be back at Fairfield for school pick up by 3.30pm.  I took a quick photo of them both, and texted a direct…’do you want them?’ to Rebecca.  By the time I had gathered up my haul for the day, my phone binged, with a ‘thank you’ from Rebecca.

$3 each.  Two books full of childhood memories and interesting recipes.

The food does look pretty cool … predominantly french, with crazy names and anecdotes attached – it’s always nice to know where a recipe comes from.  And the index at the front of each section cuts through the confusion of the names, by giving a practical brief description of each dish.


Yum, there are lots of great sounding things in here!


And though there aren’t many photos, the double pages ones are amazing.  I love this soup photo!


I think I might look out for a copy of each for myself (although given that I have never before seen them in my life, I can’t imagine they are going to pop up tomorrow, but then again, maybe I just wasn’t looking for them).

So, Rebecca … I guess next time we come over for dinner we’ll be having french cuisine (not that Brett’s steaks on the BBQ aren’t delicious). But I like french food, and you need to test out your most favourite childhood recipes on someone right??  I’m a willing candidate.

Here’s the recipe for ‘Breasts of Chicken Rocamadour’.  Interesting name.  But what I love the most is the last line of this recipe.

The raw apple gives a refreshing New Wave touch to the dish.


And I took a photo of the Borsch recipe as well, just because I have always wanted to make Borsch, and this one is a’ quick and delicious’ one handed down from Greta Anna’s grandma who came from Kiev.



  1. Its funny when you know someone wants something and they jump out at you from the opp shop shelves…. like 100% cotton wool, walking sticks, cook books. What a great life we live – the thrill of a find!


  2. I couldn’t believe it when you found the Gretta Anna books for me Leanne – made my day! My Mum and Grandma would speak of her recipes in reverent tones. I can’t say I have recognised many of the recipes (tricky with the lack of photos), but I will gladly try one out when we next have you over!


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