I love green (things)

Today I present some nice green things.

1.  A green office chair.  I sit on this green office chair every day in my studio.  I bought it at the tip shop (Outlook Environment Centre at Darebin tip) for $5.  It is a great mid colour.  And I love the industrial look of the chair.  And the castors are cool too.  It’s a bit lumpy, but suits me fine.


2. And my most favourite material in the whole world (I think) covers the chair I inherited from my great aunty.  I really and truly love it.  It is getting old and thin but I can’t bear to take it off and replace it.  I am not attached to the chair in itself … it’s all about the fabric.  I wouldn’t keep the chair without it. But while it looks somewhat respectable, I would never part with it.


3. A green ceramic dish. I just love the colour of this dish.

4.  I think the dark green writing on this ‘dripping’ container looks pretty great with the aluminium of the container itself.

5.  I love the lumpy green ceramic cups (or are they vases?).  I am sure this type of china has a name that I don’t know about.  But I remember my nanna having it at her house.  So these remind me of her, and how she liked green.  And then I think about her wearing the most hilarious green sunnies in her 80s, and not caring one iota what we thought about them …

6.  These celadon vases look a bit pale in comparison to the other green things, but they are a wonderful bluey-green and were given to us as a wedding present by Clive’s cousins and I really love them.  I had trouble finding a home for them in my house for a long time, but then Elise gave me the green ceramic bowl/pot plant holder for our ‘second hand christmas’ one year and since then the vases and the planter have stuck together and filled various corners in my house beautifully.

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