i don’t do things by halves (my new tapestry)

I know I said that this year I’d get rid of more than I accumulated during Darebin hard rubbish – but it doesn’t count if it’s useful (right?). Because I found a tapestry.  I saw it on the side of the road coming home from shopping at Psarakos and it was so eye catching I turned around and picked it up.  And it took up the whole back seat. When I got it home I was a bit ambivalent.  It is pretty over the top (particularly the frame) but quite romantic!  I was thinking of putting it up above our bed, but it is so full on I thought Clive mightn’t like it … then I considered taking it out of the frame and turning it into a cushion … but what would I do with the frame … such a dilemma, I couldn’t decide. In the end I just put it in the studio (up my end) and didn’t mention it to Clive.  It took up half the space!   That was Tuesday I think.  On Thursday he went out to turn the light off, and must have seen it and didn’t say anything.  I didn’t mention it either.  Then last Sunday I was at the computer in the studio and he commented on it … ‘I quite like that tapestry Leanne’.


It is pretty cool isn’t it? – thesecondhandcity.com

Woo hoo!!! I am going to try it above the bed! It needed a bit of work. I have now pulled it apart. I took the tapestry out of the frame and gave it a good brush down. I should really replace the wood it is mounted on as it is a bit warped, but I don’t have anything handy, so I will save that for another day (which could well be never …). I took the glass out and washed it down, but then broke it – I think it will be OK without glass anyway. And then I went to work on the frame. One decorative corner was missing, so I pulled off the other one to match. It looks fine. I pulled out all the extra nails and staples in the back and front (the corner decoration was just a plastic thing that was stapled on – who would guess).


If I don’t like it in the frame I can see that it will be super as a cushion – thesecondhandcity.com

I gave it a sand and lots of paint came off in chunks. Luckily I am not aiming for a perfect finish, just to finish it is fine by me. Then I washed it down. I found that underneath all the tizz was quite a lovely timber frame. But this tapestry demands bold decoration I think, so I didn’t look too hard and quickly spray painted over the whole thing in glossy black.

I am a fan of Fiddly Bits spray paint (from Bunnings). It costs about $4 a can and I always keep some handy. I find that spray paint hides all sins.


love, love, love – thesecondhandcity.com

As I am writing this post I am impatiently waiting for the paint to dry.


ooh, it’s pretty big and black – thesecondhandcity.com

Then I will put it all back together again (a hammer and my trusty staple gun should do the trick). And hang it up. I hope it looks good …


What do you think? – thesecondhandcity.com


  1. I love it! I am a huge fan of tizz – I really liked the frame before you spray-painted it. But now I think you need a four poster bed and a chandelier to match. x

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    1. I am contemplating adding a bit of gold tizz over the top of the black – like the old frame had over the burgundy?

      Yes , one of those four posters with curtains would be good – my house could become (a tiny Australian) Blenheim Palace ….


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